Strategy, Planning and Commercial Due Diligence

The C Three Group has extensive experience in strategic consulting, market forecasting and commercial due diligence.  We take a data driven, fact based approach to all of our consulting assignments.  Our approach begins by listening to our clients and ensuring that we thoroughly understand their needs, time-frame and constraints.   We deliver thorough analysis developed using our well-honed process of rigorous primary and secondary market research, insightful interviews, with empirically based forecasts.

We bring together both due diligence process expertise coupled with deep industry knowledge to deliver to our clients clear, actionable and timely findings.

We have four main focus areas:

  • Commercial Due Diligence and Private Equity Support
  • Corporate Strategy and Planning
  • Institutional and Hedge Fund Support
  • Regulatory Support and Benchmarking

Recent Projects Include:

  • Commercial Due Diligence and Private Equity Support—Transactions Market Analysis
    • For a large NY private equity firm, completed a market analysis and forecast for North American tubular steel pole electric transmission market
    • For a Denver based private equity firm, provided a market and competitive analysis as well as a market forecast for helicopter electric transmission construction and maintenance services
    • Developed both a North American electric transmission and distribution market forecast for electrical connectors for a UK based private equity firm
    • Other recent due diligence projects include:
      • Underground contracting services
      • Electric transmission and energy pipeline construction services
      • Transformer maintenance services
      • Fiber optic services
      • Distribution and transmission scale transformers
      • Power plant gaskets, sealants and valves
      • Generation related substations
  • Corporate Strategic Planning and Forecasting Support
    • Forecast for Steel Products:  For one of the largest US steel manufacturers, created algorithms for converting the number of steel structures used in the North American electric transmission, power plant and renewable markets into tons of steel by product type.  These were then linked to the C Three Group’s databases creating a “live” and continuously updated steel demand forecast extending from 2008 through 2025.
    • Need for New Electric Generation:  Developed a 2014 to 2030 scenario analysis of the supply and demand of electricity in New England, with focus on the potential dependence of Canadian hydro power and the interdependence of natural gas supplies
    • Electricity Delivery Providers’ Demand for Electrical Components:  Developed annual forecasts for a variety of electric distribution equipment components for a large US based international manufacturer
    • North American Electric Companies’ Capital Expenditure:  Provide annual distribution and transmission capital expenditure forecast by region for US and Canadian electric utilities
    • Demand for Electric Conductor:  For one of the largest conductor manufacturers in the world, linked C Three electric transmission project database to the company’s CRM system, providing continuous project updates to the company’s sales force
  • Hedge Fund and Institutional Investor Support
    • C Three is tracking US and Canadian investor owned utility rate cases for a large mutual insurance company
    • C Three provides quarterly market updates and unit forecasts for various construction related products for a NY based hedge fund
    • For another hedge fund, C Three provides quarterly market and demand forecasts for tubular steel poles
    • C Three provides semi-annual electric and natural gas industry capital expenditure forecasts and market overview report for a large, west coast based retirement fund
  • Regulatory Strategy and Benchmarking
    • For a large Mid-Atlantic electric utility, provide a quarterly peer group analysis of tracking, rider and other non-general rate recovery mechanisms that are currently in place or being contemplated
    • For mid-western natural gas utility, provided industry benchmarks and analysis for requested and approved return-on-equity, including timeline analysis, interest rate correlations and peer group analysis
    • Complied a comprehensive database of historical and current rate cases for all U.S. investor owned electric and natural gas distribution companies.  48 separate metrics are systematically tracked and continuously updated. 

For more information please contact Jean Rollins via email or call her at 404 233-8555 ext. 801  

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