North American Power Plant Database

Early and Advanced Development Natual Gas-Fired Power Plant Projects
Early and Advanced Development Natural Gas-Fired
Power Plant Projects
Pre-Packaged Reports
Your One Source For Tracking All Types Of Electric Generation Projects in The U.S. and Canada

We do the hard work for you, identifying and continuously tracking North American projects from early development through licensing construction, operations, upgrades and on through retirement.

Our database is the only comprehensive and continuously updated source for all electric generation projects, conventional or renewable, available at an affordable annual subscription price.

User-friendly database lets you search and build reports quickly and more easily

Our database structure allows you to slice and dice and aggregate project metrics to fit your needs for:

  • Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Benchmarking
  • Triangulation

Currently, the C Three Database contains 2,657 new projects with in-service dates from 2013 through 2020--with more added daily:

  • 12 Energy Storage Projects
  • 121 Biomass and Biogas
  • 88 Geothermal
  • 244 Natural Gas
  • 7 Coal
  • 27 Nuclear (Including Uprates)
  • 641 Solar (1 MW and larger)
  • 741 Hydro, Pumped Storage, Tidal and Run of River
  • 2 Compressed Air
  • 797 Wind
  • 8 Petroleum Coke

We've created pre-packaged reports for you...including a weekly email of  projects added to the database.

You can also personalize reports to fit your needs

Retirements Report

The database is built from the bottom up, project by project. Each project profile contains detailed information from which you can group, filter, aggregate or disaggregate.

  • Want to identify balance-of-plant new transmission lines and substations?
  • Want to know what is happening in a specific state?
  • What about a specific company?
  • Want to know what plants are scheduled to come online when?
  • Want to know how many MW's of a certain fuel source are due to come on-line when?
  • What facilities are due on-line and when by RTO/ISO?
  • What NERC region resources currently or will exists?
  • Who is buying the output from a specific plant?
  • Is a particular facility changing ownership?
  • You can sort, group and filter by any of the 27 variables that we track for each plant

Condensed, pertinent weekly news alerts:

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